About me…

I am one in an estimation of 2,099,451 (according to Surburban Stats dot org. 2016, 2015) inhabiting H-Town. A Happy Job hunter on her quest for a full-time job since the beginning of 2015. I do not carry a high-end set of Alphabet behind my education. Having an A.A. in Visual Design, continuing education via online classes, certificate received for Accounting fundamentals. The rest of my job education comes from “The Art of Researching” and on the job experience.

Being dubbed Phil-o-math. Which according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines as, “a lover of learning”.

With that being said, I actually do work while searching for work, status of Part-time Administrative Contractor, Part-time Artist, Full-time Job hunter.

I started this blog for two reasons, 1. To make the hard work of daily job hunting feel rewarding as it is happening. 2. To help others that might experience questions during their job hunting quests too or let them know they aren’t alone!

Disclaimer* I am not an Attorney or Human Resource Manager, I am sharing my own experiences, simple common sense and  exploring  the view that the hiring process should be a nano bit more personal?