The Rejection Letter

Dear ____________________________

Thank you for your interest in the position of ___________________________.
After careful consideration , we regret to inform you that you have not been
selected to interview.

We encourage you to continue to search and apply for other positions.
Etcetera. Etcetera.

Have you received these types of emails before? One check templates,
ready for auto response. Search on Google for Helpful rejection letters to job applicants
brought up results for 10,90,000 rejection letter topic, webpages.

One example I have read that is used quite a lot, “We have received quite a lot of
applications from applicants with more revenant experience for this position”.
Please apply again in the future should you see a posting in which you qualify.

Envision how one extra instrumental sentence, one additional sentence, would
allow the recipient insight for their continued search.

Failed Section. Will are taught to acknowledge pass or fail in the educational system
at all levels. This allows a student to know how to proceed.

The following did not meet the criteria we are searching for:
√ Education
√ Skills
√ Availability
X Background check (and what part)!
X Social Media
√ Job already filled
√ References
X Testing

How about Changing the Procedures of the same old Rejections.
I would call it “Universal Consideration for Applicants”.

Politeness in rejection letters is not relevant if it does not provide
better insight. The goal is for a company to remain in a respectable
reputation position?

Personally, I respect polite directness. I appreciate it actually.
You are helping others when you give them insight. Transparency
not to complicated. Just √ of X the box. Use a template.

Okay, so I am dreaming I know, but, thinking creatively and outside the box is
a “gift” I have. Bettering the world one dream at a time.

Happy Job Hunting!

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