In order to complete this application process you must agree to our background check terms and conditions. Do you agree with these terms and conditions? A brief paragraph you have to read and then press  the “Agree” button to, in order for your information to be uploaded to the system… When you see this statement does it ever make you feel nervous?
How many people just trying to get a job actually read the terms completely before pressing “Agree”?

What exactly are we signing up for, before even being moved to the next online sorting pile? I will share one example after trying to apply for a job last night. I was wanting to fill out a job listing on one site and redirected as we often are, found myself on a ADP page.

What is ADP? For those that don’t know, and I really can’t image you don’t. But, really if you haven’t heard of them, ADP is Automatic Data Processing. They say they are in 80 countries and have 18 millions users.  (On their Human Capital Management Page.)

They often services and products to companies from small to multi-national. If you want to see their list please go to their site directly. I will be concentrating simply on the quick search of “background checks” on their site for this post.

Just to name a few, this is what they search for…. ( in their words)-site credit below.

 * Comprehensive Employee Background Screening (Direct Link)
This bullet list from their  website.

  • Candidate Verification: Social Security Number verification, Social Security Death Match Search, Name Link, other names search and global identification and address checks.
  • Criminal Search: Federal and State criminal court records, county felony and misdemeanor records and international criminal history searches.
  • Comprehensive Employee Screening: Motor vehicle records, credit searches, Federal and county civil search, Bankruptcy court records, Workers compensation reports and global financial services authority checks.
  • Registries: Government Sanctions Registries, multi-state and single-state sex offender registry, OIG/GSA Sanctions and Registry, Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems searches.
  • Reference Verifications: Employment, education credential/license verifications and international personal / professional verifications.
  • Medical/Physical Screening: Drug and alcohol screening, medical physical screening management

I guess my question is do they require a check of the company or individual doing the background checks?  Just curious…..Either way, hoping this gives you a little insight as to what potential employers are looking at, before even considering you for a interview.

Incase you want to know your rights and the laws on employment background checks, The * U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission is a good place to start.

A section from this post was removed that included References and Background checks information from the Texas Workforce Commission Website. They do have a long disclaimer
and said, to refer to a Employment Law Attorney before, actually using the information they provided in anyway. (Note: it is referring to suggestions to Employers Hiring Procedure with background checks and Employers giving references). You can look them up yourself if you are curious.

Another good link that is helpful is the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

 *Disclaimer- I do not have a opinion one way or another on background checks or the companies that do them.  ADP is just one of the companies providing these services out there. The example above is for research purposes for this post only and provided by their website. I also know making protection laws and passing them is hard work. Thanks to the lawyers that do so.

Happy Job Hunting!

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Edited 1/12/2017 Adding Reference links in blog to Site providing information.

* “Screening and Selection.” Screening and Selection. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Jan. 2017. <;.