read somewhere on the web that blogging about your job hunting experiences might make it less depressing. The article continued to say, that by posting what you have learned might help someone else. If I find it again will share that article in the future.

That is what this blog is about, the ins and outs of my job hunting
experiences and the different things I learned along the way.

Let us start with my search entered “How many words should your first blog post be”? First, let me say I will not be advertising or marketing for anyone I know, these are random searches.

After saying that….

I came across this article….. *How Long should your blog post be, A writers Guide By: Joe Bunting. Joe gives a good outline of word counts and their outcomes. He speaks about his own experience as a blogger and the results he has encountered.

Joe Bunting’s headlines for this topic he uses are: (His content, his own words as follows)….

Myth: “When it comes to Blog posts, shorter is better”.
3 Perfect lengths for blog posts.
Do you want more comments on your blog?
Do you want more social media shares?
Do you want more traffic from Google for your blog?

Then Joe continues with the outline I mentioned earlier…..
So, how long do you want your blog post to be? I  myself printed this part.

Ending with “Write the length you want” and a reminder to “Remember to have fun”! Joe’s article was encouraging and easy to understand.
You can find his posts here….

Thank you Joe for sharing your article on the web! I will be following your outline for word count on my own blog. You can also follow “The Write Practice” on Twitter @write_practice  and @joebunting

The next search I did was for “free checking grammar”. I want to make sure I have a program that will help catch mistakes I haven’t.

I choose simply because of the name sounding like what I was looking for and once I opened the site it seemed easy to use.

*Grammarly ‘s   description says it gives you aid on contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style and more. However, I am only using the free version and it is now saying with the premium account it will tell me 7 advance issues. Another Advance tool it offers is checking for “Plagiarism, Advanced Vocabulary, and providing a Professional Proof Reader. I will  be upgrading when I can.

You can follow Grammarly on twitter @Grammarly .

I do look for shortcuts or answers to questions quickly, seeing that I am working, job hunting and now will be blogging about it, hopefully helping others 🙂

Expect mistakes along the way…. I am perfectly Imperfect and still learning…
Feel free if you have respectful advice to share send it my way. 🙂

Stopping here, back to the job board. Have a great day, afternoon or evening whichever your time zone is in.

Word count: 535

Edited 1/12/2017 to add  Site Reference links, Name Correction, Suggestions  to follow the References at their twitter accounts. “How Long Should Your Blog Post Be, A Writers Guide” The Write Practice. N.p., 14 Aug. 2014. Web. 08 Jan. 2017. <;.